«Island bought for 40 years»: this man wants to find pirate treasures on the inhabited island he bought

No one knows that he secretly searched for pirate treasures on it for over 40 years.🧐🤔

This story surprised the whole world one man named Bernand spent his money to buy the island.

Everyone thought that he was just tired of living among a lot of people and wanted to stay alone and enjoy life a little.

But no one knew that he had a plan, he wanted to find pirate treasures for 40 years without a break.

There was even a time when an Arab sheik wanted to rent an island for $ 50 million, but the men did not agree.

It turned out that there was a pirate who stayed on the island and the man thought that the pirate could hide his treasures there. He wanted to look for it, then he planted beautiful fruit trees there in order to dig the earth.

Different birds and different animals live with him.

Now the island is under government control and treasure search isn’t allowed there.

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