Urban Cockatoos Master New Skills: How They Use Tricks to Get Their Food!

The birds mastered a new skill and they are constantly improving in it.😊😊

This bird has always been known to live in the forests of Australia but this cockatoo liked what people give and now the bird lives in urban areas.

All the days these birds began to drink water from the fountain and get food from the garbage. And not only they have learned to do all this in the city, they are still improving in it.

After people throw out the garbage, the bird pushes a stone there. The stone falls, the lid opens and the bird may already enter there.

They have even several unique tricks to achieve their goals.

But it is known that males very easily cope with this matter. Young birds tend to open the lid themselves.

It is some kind of mechanism for how these birds get food for themselves. They are very sociable and intelligent birds. Some experts say that they are smart like chimpanzees and they are excellent drummers.

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