«The most unrealistic thing that can happen in the world»: girl is crying with stones and conquers the world

After the eyelid is turned away, a small stone is removed from it.🧐🧐

Once people learned that a fifteen-year-old girl lives in India, who cries stones instead of tears.

The girl’s family says that when she was a baby, this did not happen yet.  When the video was posted on the Internet, everyone was delighted with what was happening to this girl.

If there hadn’t been a video recording, no one in the world would have believed it. The doctors don’t understand what it is and why instead of tears she has stones.

A girl has such discharge almost every month. But there are also people in the world who say that this is all a lie and parents put stones in her eyes to be in the spotlight. The whole village where the girl lives is simply in shock.

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