«She does not look like a real person at all»: this girl spent a lot of money to look like a Barbie

Now the girl cannot find a job because of her doll-like appearance.🧐😳

In Budapest lives a young girl who decided to spend several thousand dollars to become like a doll.  Nobody wants to give her a job because of her appearance.

The girl says that since childhood she loved these dolls very much and decided to do her first operation when she was 17 years old.

And then she continued to do dozens of operations on herself, and finally, she thinks that she has become like her favorite doll. Then in 2016, she met her husband, who also had plastic surgery, and also wanted to be like a toy.

The girl says that she worked as a secretary, but then she quit because she was sure that her appearance was driving everyone crazy.

She claims that not everyone likes her image, but she loves when all men look at her and admire her and now, she wants to find a husband because she divorced in 2019.

After all these operations, she confidently says that she does not want to stop and must do other operations and cosmetic procedures.

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