Cute, lonely, and sick cat came up to the windows and begged people for help

Volunteers came to the conclusion that the cat just lived with bad owners.🥹🤗

This tiny cat was in a very scary and bad condition. One winter early in the morning this kitten came to the window and began to knock.

The sound was almost inaudible, but the mistress of this house heard this sound, and pulling back the curtain, she saw a cute kitten.

The woman at this moment did not understand what was happening, or why did the cat knock on the window, she immediately took off the phone and took a picture of the animal, then she sent this photo to the animal rescue service.

Immediately after that, volunteers arrived to help this baby.

He was brought to the clinic and started treatment. Then it was clear to the volunteers that the cat lived with very bad owners.

It was even easy to realize when the kitten saw the volunteers, he was not afraid at all, because he understood that these people wanted to help him.

The kitten was named Aslan and then, when he was already healthy, the photo taken by the woman immediately helped Aslan find his eternal, kind, and caring home.  Now the kitten lives very happily.

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