«Whole truth about Jennifer’s beauty»: Ben Affleck about nutrition and about the ageless beauty of his wife

The star can afford the most piquant mini and tight dresses.😊😍

Our beloved Jennifer Lopez is already 53. But her appearance does not show her age. The famous star allows herself to put on tight dresses and show her unreal figure.

All fans were sure that she always sits on a diet and strictly monitors food.

However, Ben Affleck revealed the whole secret about her beauty.

«Jennifer always ate and now eats, whatever wants. That is everything. Both sweet and fatty food, everything that everyone wants to eat», said Affleck in an interview.

«She works a lot. I also love and always engage in sports, but it does not help me look younger as she is», the actor said.

Jennifer works on herself in the gym. But this is not the main reason for her youth.

«It’s just something incredible. She is the most beautiful woman in the world. She looks gorgeous», the actor added.

And he also added that he has qualities that Jennifer does not like.

«I don’t know why but I’m very talkative. Jennifer says nothing about this, but I’m sure that she would like more brevity», said Affleck.

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