«Fans cannot hide admiration»: famous 60-year-old Demi Moore shared a photo in a unique bikini

The actress is quite actively communicating with followers.🥰😊

The charming appearance of Demi Moore does not change in any way. The 60-year-old star loves to share everything with her subscribers, and everyone knows that she will soon become a grandmother.

The actress always shows followers a variety of moments from her life.

She never hides her amazing figure. She publishes her photos in different swimsuits, bikinis, and other bold outfits.

Demi posted photos from the beach and entitled in this way: «Pilaf goes to the beach».

In the photo, she looks younger than her age and has a sweet dog with her. Her amazing figure does not allow you to pay attention to a tiny pet.

Demi is in excellent shape, so fans make the best compliments.

«Demi is gorgeous», and «How can a person looks this way at 60?», say Internet users.

Of course, the actress makes regular cleansing of the skin.

Demi always says that she always finds time for cosmetics and moisturizing the skin. She always cleanses her face from makeup remnants and uses different masks.

Proper nutrition helps to preserve such a beautiful figure. And of course, the secret of all beauty and youth is health.

«I gradually turned into a vegetarian», says the actress. And she eats fruits very much.

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