«Everyone looked only at her shoes»: Jennifer Lopez’ perfect legs in a bright mini-skirt

It seems that in such shoes without a threat to health, you can only sit beautifully.

Sometimes it seems that old age passes by Jennifer Lopez.

Her beautiful appearance conquers millions of hearts. She boasts a charming figure at that age.

Jennifer appeared in the azure miniskirt Gucci, a pink blouse with a bow. The image ended with white shoes on a high platform.

It is incredible how to get up and walk in such heels and it seems that you can only sit beautifully in such shoes. Maybe she did the whole day in these shoes.

But seeing the tightened legs it is already clear that Lopez always loves high heels!

The star decided to support the employees of her beauty salon and present with them her cosmetics brand.

«Thank you for the fact that you are so wonderful people and support me every day!»-wrote Lopez on the Web.

Jennifer decided to talk about how she always has such young skin.

According to the star, absolutely all cosmetics of her brand have an anti-aging effect.

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