«He became a wonderful father»: Paris Jackson tells what Michael Jackson really was as a father

She shared memories of her father, calling him an excellent cook and a normal father.

Paris Jackson, daughter of the late Michael Jackson, lived in her life in the spotlight all her life. She is only 22 years old, and now she is engaged in her own musical career and talks about what it was like to grow up in the childhood of the «king of pop music».

Michael Jackson himself was in the entertainment industry, starting to perform at a young age with his brothers in the Jackson Five group. A strict father, who was not afraid to discipline his children, the upbringing of Michael had a deep influence on his own style of education.

After the death of Michael in 2009, his family continued to attract the attention of the media, in particular, the paparazzi pursued his children. Paris and her brothers and sisters in their youth had a very personal life, they studied at home and furiously guarded against prying eyes.

In a recent interview, Naomi Campbell Paris spoke about her father and how much he attaches to the acquaintance of his children with different cultures and parts of the world. She also emphasized the value of earning things, and not just feeling that they have the right to do so.

After the death of Michael Paris and her brothers were handed over to their grandmother Katherine Jackson, as indicated in their father’s will. Paris spoke at her father’s television memorial service, and in 2010 she and her brothers and sisters accepted the posthumous prize for merits in his life on his behalf at the Grammy Award ceremony. She also appeared on the Winfrey Oprais show to share his father’s memories, calling him an excellent cook and normal father.

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