«His condition bothered fans»: it became known that Nicolas Cage was heartbroken

It was clear that Cage sincerely loved Presley, despite their divorce.

Nicolas Cage, a well-known Hollywood actor, still keeps warm memories of the late Lisa Maria Presley, despite their divorce in 2002. The news of the death of Presley due to cardiac arrest at the age of 54 years on January 12, 2021, shocked and saddened many. A person, including Cage, expressed condolences in a statement published by his manager.

In his heart message, Cage paid tribute to Presley, saying that her death was «terrible news». He mentioned that Lisa had the most delightful laughter that he had ever met.

The death of the son of Presley, Benjamin Keough, who committed suicide in 2020, is also recognized in Cage’s statement. The actor expressed deep sadness in connection with the loss of his beloved son Presley.

Perhaps Cage occupied a special place in the heart of Benjamin, as Cage married Presley when Benjamin was still a child.

In the second part of his statement on CNN, Cage expressed some comfort, knowing that Lisa reunited with her son Benjamin. It was clear that Cage understood how much Presley loved his only child and how much she suffered after his death.

In conclusion, the tribute of Nicolas Cage Lisa Marie Presley, and Benjamin Keough was sincere and piercing. Despite the last time and the end of their marriage, Cage still kept warm memories of Presley and realized the depth of her love for her son.

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