Meet Joker, the Maine Coon cat who is a devoted parent to his four adorable kittens!

To be a parent is quite difficult and unimportant who you are, a person or a cat.

The popular Maine Coon named Joker perfectly understands what it is like to educate his own breakdown. Recently, he finally had four cute kittens. And you must follow them.

The other day, Papa Maine Coon had a lot of fans. Its owner posted a picture in which he is located right under the numerous flashes of cameras.

Many in The Joker recognized themselves and regretted the cat. In fact, in the photo, he really looks very tired.

The famous Maine Coon also surprised the audience more than once. Fans are delighted with its size.

The hostess of the cat said that it is quite difficult to maintain such an animal, because the Joker loves to eat satisfying, so she has to cook very often. Users often say that the cat’s muzzle has a very human expression.

He always looks at others lazily and rather condescendingly than he touches many.

Maine Coon loves his kittens. He licks them well, plays with them, and also takes them away to sleep in his special basket. After a hard day, the Joker can finally lie on his sofa.

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