A woman refused to go to a shelter without her dogs – her loyalty to her furry friends is inspiring!

She refused to go to a shelter because the authorities do not allow her to take dogs.

There is no need to doubt that dogs are more loyal than people. They not only love us but are also ready to take risky steps to see us intact and sound.

But in this story, a woman from Tijuana, Mexico, also loves her lost friends. She refused to go to the shelter because the authorities do not allow her to take homeless dogs with her.

The story became popular when the photographer captured a woman wrapped in garbage bags and surrounded by six dogs giving her warmth and company.

The woman was constantly told to go to the shelter, but each time she refused to do it. But when the police officers had a serious determination to take her to the shelter, the woman promised not to stay there anymore.

At night she stayed with her son, and early in the morning returned to the street to meet friends.

Realizing that the homeless would not leave the dogs, the authorities took her to a shelter where dogs could live.

Now she hopes to have her own house to provide a better life for dogs!

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