«He set a goal and achieved this»: this is how a 330 kg man looks like who lowered 233 kg

The boy felt lonely and worthless at first.

He is 35, he has a beloved wife and 3 adopted daughters. But there is a big problem, it weighs 330 kg … The young man is almost motionless. For 2.5 years it has not been getting up with a medical bed. Her whole life passes in the bedroom.

Childhood problems

Her parents divorced when Killas was small. Mom got married and rushed into a new relationship with her head. In a new marriage, she gave birth to two children who became the core of the new family.

The weight did not bother

Despite the excess weight, Killas found himself a life partner. Jessica fell in love with him, despite how he looked, and adored him and his three adopted daughters. They all began to call Killas with a dad. Yes, he liked them too.

But over time, Killas grew up. And as a result, at 35, its weight reached a critical mark of 330 kg. He could no longer get out of bed. He constantly lied … Mountains of worries fell on Jessica’s shoulders; his beloved could not even go to the toilet himself …

Lose weight!

He realized that he could lose people close to him. And this awareness gave him an impetus to action. Killas Givens became a participant in the reality show «I Wear 300 kg». This is a project that helps people with overweight lose weight and return to normal life.

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