«She is just like a copy of her mother»: Beyoncé’s daughter grew up beautiful and this is what she looks like

It is noted that they are similar not only externally, but also in character.

The news that the eldest daughter of Beyoncé and Jay Z, Blue Ivy Carter, completely mature and bright appearance, recently «blew up» American advertising shields. It is noted that they are similar not only externally, but also in character.

The rapper Jay-Z took his 10-year-old daughter to the NBA basketball match in San Francisco. The famous mother of Beyoncé and Gemini did not attend the game.

Father and daughter were in the same black tracksuits and sneakers, Blue Ivy was also in a black leather jacket. Her magnificent curly hair is charming.

In the photographs and videos that were published on the Internet, Blue Ivy looked quite restrained and modest, which additionally attracted the attention of network users.

When one of the users found a photograph of young Beyoncé and compared it with Blue Ivy, he saw how amazing they were similar to each other.

Since the birth of the twins, Beyoncé did not flaunt her personal life and did not put it on the network. From time to time, she publishes videos about how her family travels around the world.

Young Blue Ivy has already succeeded in life. She received many awards, including the Grammy Award for Best Music Video of the Year (Brown Skin Girl), and also when she won BET Her Award in 2020 and became the youngest owner of the BET Award at the age of 8 years.

It is still unknown whether she will achieve the same success as her mother and dad, who are both popular singers, but parents try to support their daughter in every way.

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