Dog and cow have a touching and unusual friendship and they cannot live without each other

It was the cow that was able to give the dog maternal warmth in full.

Once the family adopted a puppy named Ruuki. They had a small farm with pets and birds, goats, and a red cow. Oddly enough, Ruuki made friends with the cow.

Even when the dog grew up, their friendship did not stop. Due to financial difficulties, the hosts were forced to sell their red cow.

When Ruuki saw that his girlfriend was being taken somewhere, he was scared.

The dog ran into the barn and began to bark loudly. Looking at the dog, the owners saw tears in his eyes …

Ruuki was very upset due to separation from the cow. He stopped eating and drinking when the owners tried to stroke him and turned away.

Once unthinkable happened. Ruuki ran out into the street and went in an unknown direction. And later it became clear, where. With the help of his sense of smell, he found the place where the cow now lived.

After that, the owners had no choice but to buy their cow. When she returned home, the dog was amused, and everything again became as before.

Well, the owners found another way of earning and decided that they would never separate these two friends.

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