«She chose an unexpected image»: Gigi Hadid appeared at an Indian-style event

Gigi Hadid appeared in a gorgeous gold embroidered sari.

Recently, the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Center opened in Mumbai, and this event attracted the attention of many celebrities.

So, we already said that the event was attended by Zendaya, accompanied by his stylist Law Roach and lover Tom Holland.

However, she refused to take pictures with her boyfriend. Or he did not want to distract attention from her outfit.

However, the actress unexpectedly had a competitor who almost overshadowed her.

Gigi Hadid appeared at an event in a luxurious outfit in the Indian style and almost overshadowed Zendaya.

The model combed her hair smoothly, making a neat bundle.

Fans of the model, meanwhile, argue, whose outfit turned out to be more stylish. Of course, the Sendai style has a lot of fans, but Gigi fans are not far behind. So the voices were distributed almost equally.

«Still, I like the fact that Gigi always thinks first of all about where the event goes and what it is about», and «Against Zendaya, Jiji’s outfit looks rather boring».

«But I think that Hadid was much more appropriate at this event. Such sary really look extremely traditional», and «Zendaya fit better into the theme of the event», delighted Internet users discuss the outfits of stars.

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