Funny cat likes bathing very much and even he has accessories for this procedure

Owners were ready for anything, but not for that pet who would like to take a shower.

It is no secret that most cats hate bathing. They become too nervous and can even harm us with claws. These cuties prefer bathing and licking themselves.

But it turns out that some cats have other preferences.

This cute cat’s name is Meepo. In the house of the new owners, he appeared in a two-month-old age, living in a shelter.

When examining the veterinarian, it turned out that the breed of the cat is British long-haired, which means that its wool is both thick and thin, and you need to properly care for the wool and often wash it.

The owners were ready for everything, but not for the fact that the pet will be happy to take a shower.

Meepo has absolutely nothing against water, he is happy to bathe and, it seems, even enjoys the process itself.

You just look at this face.

There are also several accessories for bathing. See how Meepo takes a shower. He likes it, and he is not trying to escape at all. Pure and fresh!

Enjoy the video below:

We wish all the cats love bathing. Meepo-a gift to his owners!

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