«It is unrealistic how this baby lives with this weight»: this girl is 8 months old, and her weight is 20 kg

The girl has a very big appetite every moment.

Chahat Kumar was born in an ordinary family in Punjab (India). The parents of the girl Suraij and Rena Kumar say that at birth the child had a normal weight. But starting from 4 months, Chahat Kumar began to recover sharply, and as a result, after 8 months, it weighs 17 kilograms.

The girl has a very large appetite. She eats non-stop, and not as normal children who can be fed 6-8 times a day. We already tried not to feed her for an hour, but then Chahat begins to cry a lot, and we cannot reassure her except food», the girl’s mother says.

Initially, his parents did not attach any importance to him, but later it began to influence his abnormal weight. Parents took the girl to the doctor, but due to the incredibly fast it was impossible to undergo a blood test.

Doctors could not find the cause of this weight. At 8 months, her weight was 25 kg. Parents do not have the means to treat and inspect the girl in a big city. Stop worrying about her weight and may all this depend on God

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