«That’s who this unusual beauty»: an unrealistic puppet dark-skinned mannequin surprises the world

She is recognized thanks to her appearance, which makes her look like a doll.

Of course, everyone has their own unique asset. Today we want to introduce you to Ducky, the most famous model from South Sudan.

The girl is recognized thanks to an exotic appearance that makes her similar to the doll. Seeing him once, it is already impossible to forget him. In all its pictures, the model simply amazes with its unusual skin color, even facial features, snow-white smile, and beautiful hair. It is impossible not to admire it! Its appearance is simply perfect.

Ducky became popular thanks to participation in the project «The next top model of Australia». Now the girl is 21 years old and she is successfully building her career and is completely confident in herself. Although it has already been mocked it on social networks about natural hair, skin color, and weight.

Today, more than 350,000 people are signed on Ducky’s Instagram, in every possible way support the girl. She does not object at all that fans call her «Barbie» and even think about going out with a doll that looks like him.

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