«Sweet Rapunzel revealed her secret»: that is why she stopped washing her long hair

It all started with fairy tale characters and the desire to imitate them.

Our article will talk about a woman who went against generally accepted rules and embodied her plan into a lifestyle. Our heroine is the name of Francesca Clooney, known under the pseudonym «Rapunzel», which she received thanks to her long hair.

She is currently 32 years old, but she began to grow her hair even before she went to school.

The only thing she does with them is combs and brake braids. Referring to his words, she made his life at times. The length of her hair reaches her ankles. According to Francesca, at first, the refusal of washing his head gave her discomfort, as the skin was constantly scratched, and the look was far from aesthetic.

But literally in a week or two, all the unpleasant sensations disappeared in the palm of your hand. The girl never regretted her decision to abandon washing of her head, because, according to her, in this way she saved precious time on all the necessary procedures.

And the most amazing quality of the hair remains unchanged. All of them also have a healthy glow.

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