«Once this woman was attractive»: an ugly woman in the world had been a beauty

It is a rare chronic disease, in patients, which causes various deformities.

Why was she called the «most ugly on the planet», how did she look in her youth and how did her fate have? Mary Ann was born in London on December 20, 1874. She married Thomas Bevan and they have four children, and the couple’s family life was beautiful until Mary had symptoms of acromegaly.

This is a rare chronic disease that causes various deformations in patients. In addition to external signs, the disease also manifests itself internally: patients often experience pain, fatigue, and many other problems associated with emotional state and mood.

Mary’s husband, despite the changeable appearance of his wife, supported her in everything and even more often said that he loved her and that she was the most beautiful woman for him.

Perhaps the rest of Mary’s life would be happy if in 1914 Thomas had not suddenly died of a stroke.

To feed the family, Mary Ann decided to take part in the competition of the ugly people of the planet, taking first place. There was enough money earned to pay off debts and buy food for their cubs.

Due to her popularity in 1920, Mary received an offer to work in the Country of Dreams.

Mary worked at Dreamland Circus until the last day of her life. But this woman is worthy of praise and even applause because she did everything to provide her kids with a comfortable life.

Mary Ann Webster died on December 26, 1933, 6 days after she turned 59 years old.

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