«She remained the same beauty»: Adriana Lima’s appearance at the beginning of her career and now

What set Lima apart from the rest was her paradoxical nature.

Adriana Lima is a name that responds to everyone who followed Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show for many years.

For almost two decades, Lima moved along the catwalk as one of the most iconic «angels» of the brand.

However, what distinguished Lima from the rest was her paradoxical character.

Despite the fact that Lima was one of the sexiest models of her time, she never seemed «white and fluffy», but rather ardent and energetic.

Even in infancy, she had a magnetic presence that could not be ignored.

In adolescence, Lima had already made a splash in the model industry, winning the title of the most beautiful model in Brazil and taking second place at the international competition.

Despite her young age and limited knowledge of English, Lima radiated confidence and never seemed uncertain in herself.

When Lima first came to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show at the age of 19, she immediately impressed her courage.

Years later, she continued to captivate the audience with her sultry gait and piercing look, becoming one of the most recognizable faces of the brand.

However, despite his reputation as a sex symbol, Lima was known for her strict principles and values.

In fact, only when Lima was 27 years old, she had her first sexual experience on a wedding night.

This revelation shocked many of her fans who always considered her sexual attractiveness simply part of her stage image.

However, this only emphasized the paradox of Victoria’s Secret angel.

Lima proved that sexuality is not only appearance, but also self-confidence, and strength of character.

Its strict principles and values only added to the mystery and charm that surrounded it.

The legacy of Lima will continue to inspire future generations of models to challenge traditional ideas about beauty and bring their unique personalities to life.

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