Kind people were able to save the elephant, and she showed them her cute baby

The specialists at the Center did their best to help her.

Back in 2006, specialists of the Kenyan Wildlife Protection Center saved a sweet elephant. The girl was called Loijuk.

When she was left alone, she almost died. At first, among people, the baby suffered from thirst and hunger, and could not stand on her own. The center’s specialists did everything possible to help her.

When Loijuk was getting stronger, she was given to her family, to adult elephants. The elephant did not forget good people and regularly visited them in the reserve.

When Loijuk was 14 years old, she came to her saviors not alone, but with her daughter. Employees of the Center called her Lily.

The mother elephant allowed the main caretaker of the center to stroke the newborn baby and even breathe in her trunk so that Lily could get acquainted with the smell of a person.

Elephants settled next to people, mother and daughter live in a reserve, where they care for and feed them.

Animals are more friendly than we think. Our duty is to get to them and protect them. Without them, it is impossible to imagine our life. They teach us to love, to be kind and caring. We are nature, and they are nature.

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