«Famous actor is hard to recognize»: Matthew McConakhi showed the fans his photo from his youth

Fans of the actor got a chance to see what Matthew was like before his fame.

52-year-old Matthew McConaughey is one of the most attractive Hollywood actors. Millions of fans around the world are delighted with its appearance.

However, the star of the «real detective» did not always look like this. It is much more difficult to recognize him at a young age.

He published a photograph in his blog in which he poses with his father and two other men. Recall that the actor lost his father in 1992-at that moment McConaughey himself was only 22 years old.

«I just could not believe it. It seemed to me that no one and nothing could take away my father from me», the actor recalled in his memoirs.

McConaughey himself was depicted with blond hair and in a funny T-shirt with the inscription «Texas student leadership».

Internet users could not help but pay attention to the fact that at that time Matthew probably broke more than one girlish heart.

«You just look at this handsome man», «I didn’t even think that McConaughey looked so cool in his youth», and «Matthew looked like a soloist of some boy band of the 1990s», the Internet users reacted in the comments to the picture.

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