The kitten was homeless and dreamed of finding a house, so she went for a big home

She stuck to the cat and began to accompany him everywhere literally on his heels.

The Alice McCall family once noticed a homeless cat in the vicinity of her house and began to leave her food and water, in anticipation that she would appear again. So it happened.

Moreover, the cat brought two kittens with her. Then McCall turned to the zoo protection organization. And then the fluffy tramps disappeared again!

However, there was one small kitten. It was a girl. She came to the house alone, but her mother and the second kitten never returned.

And then one day Alice’s home cat went to soak in the sun, and then a stray kitten, who had already settled in the backyard of this house, gained courage and hesitantly approached the cat patriarch.

And going up, she stuck to the cat and began to accompany him everywhere on the heels.

Well, there was no other obsession of the baby’s obsession, and he entered the house accompanied by a small white shadow.

And Alice, seeing such a touching affection, immediately made a choice: the baby will live in this house with different!

The baby was called a bird, washed, combed, and hugged – and saw that the kitten was very sweet!

And since there is an elderly cat at home, he may well teach the bird all sorts of feline wisdom!

And the distinguishes had a white tail of a protege that followed him everywhere.

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