A miracle happened in Australia when they could save a baby koala with a broken leg

Taking care of these animals has practically become a national idea.

Werribee Zoo, located in Australia, will receive the money necessary to restore and expand its territory. The main goal of financing and expression of endemic animals.

In the year before last, large-scale fires occurred, after which the coals were on the verge of disappearance. Caring for these animals has become an almost national idea.

The symbol of the project was the baby Joey, whom the veterinarians saved from death.

This is a very sad story. When trying to escape from the wild dogs, the mother koala fell from a tree, and Little Joey was in her bag.

It was not possible to save an adult animal, it had many injuries. Fortunately, the baby was lucky more, only the paw was unlikely. At that time she was 5 months old. This is the age when the kids are just starting to lean out of the bag to know the world.

Veterinarians quickly cured Joey’s paw. It was much more difficult to feed it. She weighed only 500 g and needed a constant diet. Employees of the zoo worked in shifts to pull out the child.

Joey coped with all the difficulties. She was able to recover and become stronger and also learned to get food herself.

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