The unique dog knew 1000 words and did not get tired of studying the names of new subjects

He distinguished between internal mechanisms and hypotheses, as well as verbs.

The city of Spartanburg in South Carolina (USA) became famous throughout the country thanks to one of its four-legged residents.

The nine-year-old border collie dog named Chaser knew more than 1000 words. In addition, he easily distinguished internal mechanisms and hypotheses, as well as verbs.

She expanded her vocabulary, and the ability to think logically and make appropriate decisions, as previously believed, this is under the power of only humanoids and dolphins.

The dog owed this amazing knowledge to an animal psychologist from Wofford College in Spartanburg, 85-year-old John Pilley, who, after retirement, worked with the dog every day.

Naturally, the dog did not achieve such incredible success immediately, not in one day. Chaser became known back in 2011 thanks to an article published in the Behavioral Processes magazine.

The dog learned to associate a new word with already acquaintances and was able to classify objects by categories.

«She has a huge thirst for knowledge», said John Pili in an interview with Mailonline. «We deal with her five hours a day! Sometimes I already fall from fatigue, but she doesn’t care».

«The pursuer is an ordinary dog», the psychologist says. «I hope that people will deal with their pets more, to teach them something new. I mean not just knowledge of words, but simply studying my dog. Find out what your dog is happy».

Unfortunately, Chaser died in 2019, a year after the death of its owner. However, people remember the dog and its fantastic opportunities.

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