«She is not even going to lose weight»: this woman got married and lives happily without compliance

The girl was always crying, unhappy, and eating stressful foods.

From a young age, Amalia Jennings fought with excess weight. At school, she was constantly poisoned and teased. The girl always cried, was unhappy, and ate stressful food.

From this, the problem was exacerbated, and a chubby baby quickly gained weight.

In adolescence, she spent a lot of time on the Internet. The World Wide Web was a source of his happiness.

Amalia and Sean corresponded for a year online and discovered many common interests. Sean knew about the problems with the weight of Amalia, but he did not care. The couple was able to achieve pleasure due to long conversations in the evenings.

Having met, they realized that it was fate. The bouquet of flowers was presented by Amalia Sean, and the evening turned out to be incredibly romantic.

Tears came to the girl’s eyes, she remembered that these were her very first flowers and that the couple soon got married.

Only the fact that Sean’s father interrupted communication with him, without approving his son’s decision, overshadowed the victory.

Amalia believes that diets and strict diets should not be used as a kind of self-torture. They are an unusual couple, but a very happy couple.

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