«She doesn’t give up even in this state»: mother without hands does everything for her daughter

She always strove for a better life and inspired many people.

When I spent all my life in this position, it is difficult to imagine that I should live without weapons.

In order to cook, remove, brush her teeth and hair, and now take care of her child, she does it better with her legs than with her hands. Sarah could do almost everything herself.

When her child was born in 2018. She herself looked after her child.

In the end, she realized that she was struggling with several responsibilities in caring for a child, so she used her irritation as motivation to inform others about life without limbs.

«I began to write about my trip because I was annoyed that I needed help with my child», she added.

Therefore, I decided to turn unpleasant times into creative ones. Sarah used social networks and YouTube to show how she performs her usual duties.

Sarah grew confident. She knew how to play, dress and even write when she was very small.

Sarah never considered herself something special among other children when she grew up. She hoped that showing others how she overcome her obstacles, would also inspire the desire for a better life.

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