Size did not interfere with the wonderful German dog and Chihuahua becoming incredible friends

As the puppy grew up, the friendship between the dogs became stronger every day.

What can connect the huge German dog and cub Chihuahua? It is hard to believe, but sincere friendly relations were established between the dogs. It all started after the founder of the animal salvation service took care of little Bianca.

Chihuahua’s puppy could simply not survive if Shirley Zinder had not brought him home.

The baby was not more than 12 cm in size, her weight was less than 1 kg. Bianca’s mother died immediately after the birth of a puppy.

The German dog Shelby already lived in the house of Shirley Zinder and weighed 53 kg. The woman started the dog three years ago.

Despite the fact that Shelby was blind, she immediately felt that there was someone in the house. Shirley had to feed the baby Chihuahua from the bottle. The German dog Shelby was nearby. The puppy has grown, and the friendship between dogs is strong every day.

Bianca and Shelby spent fun together, playing and frolicking a lot. The hostess of the pets was able to capture their unusual friendship in the video. The videos hit the Internet and after a while became popular among users.

The German dog and baby Chihuahua once again proved that the size of friendship is not a hindrance.

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