«Strong love of a little couple»: this is how a unique and very interesting married couple lives

Nothing prevented them from leading an active lifestyle or having fun.

People who start from the very beginning often turn tiny problems into important ones. As a result, they begin to suffer, worry and torture themselves.

In the end, they discover that there was no problem. But next to us people whose problems go back to their conception.

And none of this prevented them from becoming those who they were, leading an active lifestyle, or having fun.

These people can teach us all optimism and the ability to enjoy every moment. These people are the main characters of today’s article.

In the Guinness Book of Guinnesses Paulo Gabriel da Silva Barros and Catusia Li, Hoshino of Brazil, are called the tiniest married couple in history.

Undoubtedly, a small married couple is not easy to live in a world designed for people of medium height.

Nevertheless, they remain optimists and make efforts to live a full life. Paulo works as a secretary in the law firm, and Katusya runs a beauty salon.

Paolo had problems with moving until he was 21 years old, and he, in fact, did it on a children’s three-wheeled bicycle.

Now he moves normally behind the wheel of a car that was modified for him. Men’s colleagues respect his determination and courage.

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