«For parents, this was a surprise»: a two-month-old baby can walk without difficulty

The infant stands upright at eight weeks which is pretty amazing to see.

Parents are amazed that their two-month-old baby can already stand and walk.

The 31-year-old Terza Finn-Johnston, a newly made father, jokingly claims that he has «the strongest girl in the world».

This is due to the fact that at the end of January, baby Lula was able to stand on her feet at the age of 8 weeks.

Terza and his bride Emily Derrick, 23 years old, who live in Bristol, England, claim that as soon as they left the maternity ward, they realized the strength of the child.

Unlike other babies, Lula could withstand the weight of his own head at the age of only five days.

The shock of parents, when the baby rises right at eight weeks, is quite amazing.

According to the thesis, when the baby was about a month, he tried to plant her so that she stopped crying at a particularly tense moment.

However, «instead of sitting down, she just kneeled and did not bend her legs», he says.

Having done this several times in the next weeks, Lula was able to hold her own weight when she was two months old, and her father tried to keep and support her.

Everyone claims that her ability to support herself, even sitting, not to mention standing, is unique, he said to The Sun.

Although Lula cannot go at present, her parents believe that she can soon.

Like other parents, Emily’s mother jokes, she does not want her daughter to grow too quickly.

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