«One condition for the future boyfriend»: Kim Kardashian wants to date again, but it’s not so simple

The real reasons for the breakup remain unknown to this day.

After Kim Kardashian broke up with Kanye West, many Internet users and journalists followed the personal life of the star.

And this is not at all surprising, because at that time her ex-husband behaved quite aggressively and a little strangely.

Later it became known that the star of the reality show had an affair with Pete Davidson. This couple surprised everyone.

However, it was noticeable that the celebrity is happy in the company of the new boyfriend. However, Kim and Pete still broke up.

The true causes of the gap remain unknown to this day.

Some argued that Kardashian was simply not ready for the fact that relations would become serious so quickly. Others insisted that the reason was the age difference.

Neither Kim nor Pete, of course, wanted to talk in detail about the end of their novel.

After that, Kardashian was left alone for several months.

It seems that she decided to completely focus on her career and children. However, the other day, People journalists found out that now Kim is ready to return to the world of dates and new acquaintances.

Insiders told reporters about this.

«Recently, Kim has not met anyone. But now she is ready. She decided to take a short break after Pete, but now she is again interested in trying to go on a date», the source close to the star explained.

He added that there are no special requirements for her. However, there is a very interesting condition.

«She would like to meet someone who is not known in Hollywood. Some financier would suit her perfectly», said the insider.

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