«Years later, they began to look different»: the twins looked the same, but as they grew up, everything changed

It’s not uncommon for newborns to alter after three months.

Sisters, Minnie and Billy, were very similar to each other at birth. Truly cute twins, incredibly attractive and unique at the same time. At birth, the twins were similar to each other. However, two months later, one of the females began to change. Newborns often change after three months.

The fact that Billy began to resemble his father is a long-awaited surprise. The matte complexion contrasted with continuing blond hair and blue eyes of Minnie, like her mother. You will think that these two women are not from one nation. However, they are identical twins.

They have beautiful faces that are interesting to look at.

Their physical data attracted the attention of the photographer, and they were on the cover of a prestigious English magazine. At the moment, the twins are thirteen years old. They play sports, talk with friends and perform homework, like other children of their age.

However, some people may assume that they have unique hobbies or interests because of their distinctive features. However, the twins have really the same preferences and interests. Usually, they read the same books, watch the same films and dress the samely.

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