«Tens of thousands of dollars for clothes»: Meghan paid a lot of money for the dress she bought this year

Meghan spent close to £80,000, or over $99,000 for her dress.

Meghan was born in Los Angeles and has mixed racial origins. While studying at school, she began to play roles in cinema and television shows. Even if she does everything possible to dissociate herself from the royal family, she is not going to abandon any royal traditions.

According to the Daily Mail, a woman who loves brands and jewelry, this year spent a lot of money on accessories and clothes. Meghan dressed in fluff and spent about £ 80,000 or more than 99,000 dollars. Her most expensive purchase at that time was a necklace for 12,000 pounds, which cost 620 pounds (770) in a jewelry store (14,900).

According to the tabloid, in 2022 it will spend more than 20,000 pounds on clothes than in 2021. Given the deafening popularity of the documentary series Meghan and Prince, we think that the duchess will easily increase this amount. A natural question arises: who constantly provides money to expand her wardrobe?

After all, the fact that they proclaimed their independence from the royal family is well known. At least they said so. In addition, the conflict between the couple and family members still exists. Wow, probably.

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