«So much money to be like a doll»: a 22-year-old girl paid $ 165,000 for being like a Barbie

She underwent her first operation when she was 17 years old.

The girl spent hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now that she looks like a doll, the girl cannot get a job. The young lady claims that Barbie was her early passion. She underwent her first operation when she was 17 years old. One of my first memories is of the game with Barbie dolls when I was a small child.

«In addition, I began to turn into a doll when I was 17 years old», the girl adds. Since then, a teenager has been doing a dozen operations to imitate his favorite doll. In 2016, the woman met her future spouse, who shared the joy with her of being treated as a «toy».

He financed her tasks. The girl was the former secretary of the reception room but was forced to resign, since, in her opinion, her charm and attractive appearance fell in love with her men.

She also claims that since she turned into a doll, many have ceased to take her seriously.

Barbara divorced in 2019 and loves the attention of men, so she wants to find a new husband. The girl is already preparing the following steps and is not going to stop there.

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