Cute mom cat and her baby turned to the doctors for help and it’s surprising that they are not people

Although this institution was for people, the doctors did not refuse the furry guests.

As the artist, Merve Ozcan said, such unusual patients were on the threshold of the Istanbul ambulance station.

And although this medical institution was for people, doctors did not refuse fluffy guests and helped a small kitten.

Like any child in the doctor’s office, this mustachioed baby turned and tried to run away, but an attentive cat-cat returned him to the hands of professionals.

What? Is it possible? Yes, you just look at these photos!

The inspection ended quite quickly, no deviations from the norm of the tailed visitors were found.

The charming family was fed, but just in case they handed it over to the veterinarians.

And there is nothing strange here because in Turkey cats are adored and always ready to help if the animals are in a difficult situation.

It is still incredible how the cat could worry about her child so much that she took him to the doctor. Well, perhaps some cats stopped licking their kittens and decided to follow the rules of their love friends!

Be that as it may, these photos are so valuable and unique!

The next time you meet a cat, remember this story, and do not forget that it is smart enough to go to the doctor!

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