«Same person just with hair»: this is what the twin brother of the famous actor Vin Diesel looks like

The fact that the renowned celebrity has a twin brother may not be widely known.

Vin Diesel, a world-famous actor, is undoubtedly known to everyone. The famous actor made his way to a large screen and won the hearts of many spectators. The film «Fast and the Furious» is one of his most famous works. However, being a famous guy, many of his fans find his personal life very intriguing. The fact that the celebrity has a twin brother named Paul may be little known. The mother was the only person who raised two brothers born in 1967. They fell into a difficult situation, but they managed to get out of it and become worthy as they are now.

Paul loves the film business as much as his famous brother. On the set of Hollywood films, he works as an editor. Despite the obvious physical differences, the twins are closely connected and are big friends. 51-year-old brothers still do a lot and are popular with the public. Together they make up a charming pair.

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