«Her plasticity is incredible»: at 86 she makes such tricks on skates that surprise everyone

Everyone was amazed at how easily this woman outran the other competitors.

Roller skating requires balance, practice, and a little patience.

On most days, it is divided equally. This old woman, on the other hand, makes roller skating as light as riding or, to be completely honest, deep breathing.

She attracted the attention of other people, especially the professional skater of Marcus, who later revealed her simpler skating techniques.

He was amazed at how easily this woman overtook other competitors.

He had to fix the talent of this woman.

As Marcus says: «When Marcus saw this woman, he was amazed at how beautiful and successful she was, despite her 86 years».

I think we can say with confidence that we all sincerely agree.

It seems that she does not care about breaking the thigh or something else, as you can see in the video.

It has sports leggings and a T-shirt with the image of a skateboard.

Given her clothes, I think that she not only succeeds in the sport she is engaged in but also loves him. This old woman is positive proof.

Age is not so important in order to be positive and have complete enthusiasm.

Life is beautiful with its amazing feature. Be happy and satisfied with your life.

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