Cute squirrel wanted to make friends with a woman who was sad about her beloved and wonderful dog

She hoped that in the near future, she would be able to escape from this pain.

Once in the life of Michelle Burleson, a misfortune happened, her dog named Badji Lou had come from life, and she was already 13 years old.

The woman survived this loss very hard because Badji for many years was her faithful friend.

For several days, Michelle grieved alone and no longer hoped that in the near future, she could escape from this pain. But fate presented her with a little surprise.

One morning, Burleson heard someone scratching the front door of her house. When the woman opened the door, she saw a forest squirrel. The animal was exhausted, emaciated, and, apparently, needed help.

Michelle immediately found several nuts for her guest and scattered them at the door. The squirrel ate and ran away, and Michelle decided that this visit was a one-time. But she was mistaken. By evening, the squirrel returned.

So, the squirrel visited Michelle every day, morning and evening. The woman admits that she even began to look forward to her new forest friend and worried that she was delayed.

And so, thanks to the visits of a little friend, the woman gradually began to recover after the death of the dog. Improvements occurred with the squirrel, which Michelle decided to name.

Squirrel now looks more healthy and energetic, and the trust between Stymi and Michelle reached a new level. Squirrels could already take nuts directly from the hands of a woman, without bouncing from her, as it was at the beginning.

After some time, Stymi got used to the house of Michelle and entered there without fear and doubt. Sometimes she could even sit on the sofa or directly on Michelle’s knees and fall asleep.

Stymi not only gave Michelle friendship and support but also fundamentally changed her life for the better.

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