«Fans did not love the appearance of Megan»: once she had natural beauty, and now everything has changed

Various people around the world consider her a charming woman.

36-year-old Megan Fox is known for its extraordinary beauty and that it has retained all its natural features. The actress, the most famous in the film «Transformers», is one of the most luxurious actresses in Hollywood.

The actress was named the sexiest woman in the world according to the results of a survey of 9 million men. Different people around the world consider her the sexiest woman, despite her lack of impeccable forms.

Nevertheless, the actress seems to be concerned about this and did plastic surgery. She recently published a photo that greatly disappointed her fans.

She seemed to enhance her lips and chest. But fans continued to say that she had been perfect before and did not need to be like Kardashian to be sexy and attractive


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