This story proves that dogs like to play in the water and they do it quite successfully

They bought a small pool for this dog, where he can relax and enjoy life.

No wonder they say that the dog looks like its owner. The same can be said about Tim, Labrador. He is very active and loves to play. But now summer and frequent walks in the sun are tiring for a dog. His owners found a way out.

Especially for Tim, they bought a small pool, where he can relax and enjoy life.

Dogs of this breed were never afraid of water, but on the contrary, they love it very much. The owners were shocked by the way the dog loves the pool. Almost all his free time on the street, he sits in him. Playing with toys, like a child, Tim enjoys his gift.

The owners recorded this on the video and posted it on the network to share all their positive emotions. Many in the comments thanked them for the idea, which they also adopted.

The Navy and the police often use Labradors as detectives for tracking smugglers, thieves, terrorists, and merchants of the Black Market. Labradors have a reputation for being a very balanced breed and excellent family dogs.

This includes good behavior with children of all ages and other animals. They are often very calm and gullible to strangers and therefore are usually not suitable as guards.

Labradors are curious, interesting, and love company. They are very smart and capable of intense selflessness and concentration when motivated.

The steady nature of Labradors and their ability to learn make them an ideal breed for searching, salvation, detection, and therapy. These are very smart breeds. They took 7th place in the ranking of scout dogs Stanley Coren.

You can see how Tim and other dogs rest in the pool, by turning on the video below.

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