«It is very touching to look at him»: the wife of ill Bruce Willis showed a sweet video with him

Emma helped the actor a lot and recently she posted a very touching video.

10 months ago, Bruce Willis has diagnosed with a serious brain disease. Afasia deprives a person’s ability to move.

But the disease did not interfere with the actor’s career, as he starred in the film «Strong Nut».

But if it were not for the smart and beautiful, wife of Bruce Willis, he would not have coped with his illness. Emma Hemming helped the actor a lot and recently posted a very touching video.

In turn, the ex-wife of Bruce Demi Moore also published touching family photos.


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Recently it became known that Bruce will become a grandfather, as his daughter Rammer Willis and her husband Derek Richard Thomas are expecting a child. She was noticed walking along Los Angeles with a box of fruit juice bottles.

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