«His voice fascinates»: handsome world-famous Antonio Banderas surprises with his singing

In fact, based on the video, it’s clear that Banderas could be a successful singer.

Antonio can offer a lot in addition to its amazing appearance and acting. He is also an outstanding singer who brilliantly performed the «ghost of the opera» in the London Royal Albert Hall.

Video Andrew Lloyd with his performance at the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Webber leaves no doubt. In fact, judging by the video, it is clear that Banderas could become a successful singer.

In its performance, Banderas has to compete with famous classic singers. He sings with a duet from the The Phantom of the Opera with Sarah Brightman, one of the most famous British authors of songs and classic singers.

Within three minutes, Banderas and Brightman demonstrate an exciting performance in perfect harmony. Spectators will not be disappointed. Honestly, it is a pity that Antonio did not have so many chances to sing in his career.

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