Most interesting tricks of a smart dog in the world undoubtedly surprise and please

It’s hard to believe, but this also applies to dogs, like Yorkshire terriers.

There are breeds that are by nature more prone to education and training. They learn much faster in comparison with their other relatives and, in principle, have better contact with a person.

They are really Yorkshire terriers.

In fact, they are very easy to train. It is extremely not problematic to bring slippers or newspapers to them, it is also easy to perform the most diverse tricks.

It is a pity that few people know that this is true!

And as a great example, you can recall the puppy of the Yorkshire terrier nicknamed Misa Minnie. This beauty became famous on the Internet after her hostess began to publish all the videos in which her pet demonstrates all her skills.

Many Internet users immediately fell in love with this puppy! After all, Misa really showed such skills that not every shepherd can boast of! And so she definitely deserved a little attention. Like the mistress who was able to raise her dog like that.


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