«Her choice for a date is surprising»: with whom and how Megan Fox goes on a date this time

Megan wore baby blue jeans and white sneakers with her superb top.

She is ready for the season! On Monday evening, June 5, a 35-year-old comedy actress looked stunning in a beige-shortened top with twisted spirals when she had breakfast with her long-standing boyfriend M. Gan Kelly in the Nobu restaurant.

Megan was in blue jeans and white sneakers with her sexual excellent top!

She and MGK (the full name of C. Baker), however, looked like in love when they left the famous public Wi-Fi-restaurant of celebrities!

Contemporary Sore Singer decided to accept his grunge style in a simple white T-shirt (which decided to show its numerous tattoos), dark pea trousers, and massive black oxfords. He decorated with

When they left Steak House, the couple seemed to be in love!

Nobu time came just a few months after their friends Courtney and T. Barker (who is also a popular MGK music companion) were supposed to get married in Italy, and Megan and the Tickets To My Collapse gathered here to honor the memory!

Megan put on a lace dark dress with a miniskirt at the party, while her fiancé looked dumbly in a black suit with a brilliant cheetah print!

The star Her Body wrote a wonderful review of the new guy Hannah after the singer «My murderous ideas of gifts» shocked the mansion. «I am so happy for you, baby, for the fact that you gave such a sensitive and personal achievement».

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