«He finally told about an important»: a famous director, about why he has no desire to shoot Harry Styles in the film

Here is why he chose not to set the singer.

While Austin B. was selected for the main role in the upcoming adaptation of Elvis, the executive director Baz thought about choosing it. Find out why he decided not to appoint the singer.

During such a speech on June 6, in the Fitzy & Wippa radio program, the director Elvis Baz explained why he preferred A.B. to retire the singer One Route to play E. Presley in a biographical film that will be released soon.

«First of all, Harry is a non-conducive actor», Baz said. «The real problem with Harry is that he is H. Stiles». He is still a celebrity. So, you obviously understand, I believe that we came to the truth…

He simply was eager to put on a suit and go for reconnaissance, what a good spirit he had. I have

The director publicly admitted that he did not choose Austin for the film, which will be released soon.

«We can discuss it now. He loses his mother in the same period of his life as Elvis. He sends me a video blog about what happened after two years of life, but at the same time trying to breathe like Elvis.

Now he goes through the process of ideological processing in childhood, as it was a long time, although he knew who he was».

Despite the fact that he missed the opportunity to play Elvis, he continues to work and is busy. In addition to the fact that he spent both Sundays at Coachella last month.

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