«Fans do not cease to be surprised»: Tom Cruise will become the first actor who stars in outer space

One of the actor’s colleagues said that he was going to shoot in space.

The asset of 60-year-old volume of Cruise has three Golden Globe Awards and three Oscar nominations.

He achieved a lot in the profession, the actor is not going to stop there. Already in 2023, a new part of the series «Mission: Impossible» will be released, where Tom will play Ethan Hunt again.

However, this Cruz is not enough. The other day, one of the actor’s colleagues said that he was going to act in an open space.

For the first time, rumors that Tom wants to make a film at the International Space Station appeared back in 2020.

However, then Tom was completely focused on «Top Gun». But now conversations about filming in space have become relevant again.

«Tom takes us into space. He leads the whole world into space. We are waiting for a very interesting project. We are going to deliver it to the ISS and arrange a real shootout there», Donna Langley said in an interview with journalists.

According to her, most of the film will be shot on Earth. But in the climax «to save the situation, the main character will go into space».

By the way, Tom is already planning this trip. According to media reports, he agreed with the famous stuntman Jerry Maguire.

Fans with interest are waiting for new films with Tom Cruise. However, they still hope that the actor will begin to use the services of stuntmen-issue a solid age, he still performs all the tricks on his own.

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