«Ex-husband continues to spoil her life»: Kim Kardashian strengthened the protection of children

The authorities of the private educational institution decided to increase security.

After the divorce, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West had many conflicts, some of which even went public.

So, the rapper accused her ex-wife of not allowing him to meet with children. And for several months now, the musician has been trying to return the ex-lover.

However, Kim at that time was in a relationship with Pete Davidson and was not interested in building a relationship with Kanye.

After a while, the situation improved. West stopped publicly attacking his ex-wife and even helped her in one rather delicate business, returning all the copies of Kim’s cassette, which practically brought her to tears.

It would seem that on such a note the relationship between Kardashian and West had to improve, but the other day it became known that Raper again managed to ruin the life of his ex-wife.

Firstly, Kanye once again was in the spotlight due to his scandalous statements. And secondly, in the process of his revelations, the musician revealed where their children study.

The authorities of a private educational institution decided to strengthen security measures after the recognition of E.

TMZ journalists learned about this. At the same time, Kardashian had to pay for strengthening safety. The school authorities do not believe that Kanye can pose a threat to children, but they are worried because now the haters of West or Kardashian can penetrate their campus.

Kim herself prefers not to comment on information about the ex-husband.

Surprisingly, the star of the reality show, despite the tricks of the ex-spouse, tries to maintain good relations with him. Even during the marriage, Kardashian suffered from West for a very long time, despite all the accusations that he put forward against her.

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