«This is even proved by science»: in the world, there is no man more beautiful and handsome than Regé-Jean Page

The Greek Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi was used to examine the 34-year-old actor.

Science has determined Regé-Jean Page, the chief actor of the popular historical drama of Netflix Bridgerton, is the most beautiful guy on the planet.

The Greek golden section of the Phi beauty was used to study the 34-year-old actor who played the Duke of Gastings, and its accuracy was estimated at 93.65%. But do not worry about other beauties, and perhaps one of them is a favorite celebrity.

Dr. Julian de Silva, a front cosmetic surgeon with Harley Street, made a list and expressed his opinion about the best qualities of the actor, using advanced computer methods of mapping. According to Dr. de Silva, he won less often thanks to his beautiful brown eyes and classically attractive face.

He was highly appreciated by both the location of the eyes and the distance between the eyes, which was unconditionally the best.

The only assessment that was slightly lower was for the width and length of his nose.

And it is not surprising that the soloist of the Bridgerton group was on the list of the most attractive people in the world, given how worthy of fainting his scenes with the film partner Phoebe Dynevor. His talent and charisma also play an important role in making him a real heartthrob, so not only his attractive appearance makes him attractive. The star power of Rage is only growing because there are rumors that he can become the next James Bond.

Do you agree that Paige is an attractive man in the world?

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